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How do I make an order?

Easy! We make our items per order - simply place an order on the website of all the goodies you want - and pick wether you'd like delivery or pick up.

Orders can be placed by Wednesday at 12 PM EST each week for the weekend.

We do deliveries and pickup on Thursdays & Fridays - Hoboken; Jersey City and the towns of North Bergen, New Jersey.

NYC & more locations coming soon!

By when do I need to place my order?

Our goodies are small batches - which is why we make our goodies per order - orders need to be placed each week by Wednesday at 2 PM EST for orders for that weekend.

Feel free to also order from us in advance for weekends ahead! We've got you.

Where do you currently deliver?

We currently deliver in Hoboken, Jersey City and the towns of North Bergen - Tenafly, Creskill ,Demarest, Closter, Englewood, Edgewater, Union City, North Bergen, West New York.

We are looking to add more locations - feel free to reach out to us via Instagram to request your location.

NYC is coming very soon!

Are you Kosher?

We are not officially Kosher; however we are Kosher style - our products are not Kosher however all our items are either dairy or vegan within our kitchen walls.

The Challah is here! How do I warm it up?

Pre-heat an oven to 250 F; when ready put it for 3-4 minutes based on your preference.

Star tip; place a tray of boiling water in the bottom of the oven - helps to keep the Challahs moist.

How do I keep the Challahs fresh?

Simply wrap your Challah in the bag; or a plastic wrap; even a ziploc to ensure extra freshness.

We do not recommend to your leave your Challahs out in the open air post eating :)