We take your weekend goodies seriously.

My name is Tal, Israeli Baker & Chef.

Fridays (SHISHI) in Tel Aviv are special - there’s this feeling in the air. It’s all about sharing good food with loved ones, buying flowers and fresh produce for a weekend spent with family and friends. 

After over 10+ years here in New York, I wanted to capture that feeling - I became obsessed with crafting the perfect foodie get-togethers that remind me of Tel Aviv; which inspired the idea for SHISHI.

Challah and everything around it became my go-to for sharing this feeling and re-creating this experience with loved ones and friends here in NY.

We make weekend goodies - so you can have the perfect weekend get-togethers with family, friends and your loved ones. 

Our weekend goodies are made to order, in small batches - made to bring the Mediterranean directly into your home. Our goodies are the perfect for a Friday dinner, or a Saturday/Sunday Breakfast & Brunch, there’s never a wrong time to have your SHISHI.